Babies Don’t Keep

Everyone tells you, that time passes quickly whenever you have a baby... That you blink and they are grown. 
Everyone tells you....
Nothing prepares your heart. 
I put my two year old to bed last night, and my three year old will wake up this morning. My heart breaks everyday for how fast he is growing. There are things that happen daily that I think, that will never happen again. The list of “firsts” for him to do will get smaller everyday, every week, every year. 
I find myself wondering:
“Have I spent enough time with him?”
“Am I teaching him the most important things?”
“Are we making enough memories together?”
I look at him and ask God to freeze his image in my memory so that I can remember his sweet, ever-changing face just this certain way.
Raising up a child is not the hardest job I will ever have, but raising up a child into a kind, productive, loving person is. It’s terrifying to think about. But then I have so much comfort when I remember, God gave us Hutch at just the right time. We begged him to give us a child sooner, but God knew. He knew the exact time that we needed to have a child, so we could be the parents we needed to be, to raise Hutch into the person he is supposed to be.
And while I’m raising the future, I’m going to soak in every moment of it. Im going to soak in his laugh, his angry face, his eye rolls, his little tiny sweet voice, his cuddles, his joy and EVERY SINGLE THING I can. 

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